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Eastern White Cedar Shingles



Waska ® Eastern White Cedar is a species renowned as being ideal for exterior roofing and siding applications.  It ages beautifully even when left untreated.  Over the course of time, it turns silver-grey,  the color people have come to appreciate and seek.  We stock both natural shingles and Factory Coated R&R (resquared and rebutted) shingles.

 Stocking Products:

16” Extra Grade A (Blue Label)
16” Clear Grade B  (Red Label)

16” Extra Grade A (Blue Label) Re-squared & Rebutted (R&R)
16” Clear  Grade B (Blue Label) Re-squared & Rebutted (R&R)

With Waska’s Machinecoat™ factory coated shingles, we are able to offer the following stock colors:

Weathering Stain- a special formula that accelerates the weathering process to provide a uniform, naturally weathered silver-grey finish more rapidly and evenly than nature.

Monterey Grey / Cape Cod Grey / Patriot Grey / Linen White / Safari Beige / Waska White

An array of many popular colors is also available on special orders.


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